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Founded in 1978, the Precision story is a
story of experience, innovation and performance
delivered in the form of exceptional electrical and
plumbing piping products.
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With almost four decades of experience in this field,
we have come a long way in gathering the trust and
preferences of customers across the globe.
Our constant pursuit in addressing the ever-changing
customer need has driven us to new levels of customer
satisfaction and new spaces in the market share.
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Excellence comes not with achievement, but in this case through consistency. Consistency in delivering products that adheres to highest quality, ergonomic, safety and aesthetic standards, and not to forget our exceptional customer service.
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This excellence is not just limited to India,
but also to an international network that supplies
our products and services across the globe,
delivering Precision to countries in the
Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.
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Backed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001
certification, our national and
international standards remain unmatched.
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We offer electrical piping systems for
round, oval and corrugated conduits,
mini/maxi and panel trunking
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Our plumbing piping systems include CPVC,
ASTM (uPVC), SWR and Agriculture pipes and fittings